Square graphic with blue and yellow background. The blue is on the top and bottom and the yellow is sandwiched in between. On the right side in a white circle is a photo of Tejano superstar Selena Quintanilla. She is in her infamous Grammy dress that is white and silver and has a halter top. She has her black hair in an updo with curls running down. She is wearing red lipstick and is smiling. She is wearing round diamond earrings. On the top in blue bold letters reads “Maria Garcia.” Below in blue reads “Host of Anything for Selena on the Life & Legacy of Selena Quintanilla.” Below is an All About Change logo. It's blue on top and bottom with yellow sandwiched in the middle. Top blue with yellow text reads "All About", Middle Yellow with blue text reads "Change", and bottom blue with yellow text reads "With Jay Ruderman."