ALL ABOUT CHANGE is a podcast about activism, change & courage.

Hosted by Jay Ruderman, ALL ABOUT CHANGE is a podcast about activism, change, and courage. In each episode, we bring you in-depth and intimate conversations with inspiring individuals who are changing the world. #18 in Apple’s American podcasts and #3 in Apple’s Society and Culture podcasts, a Shorty Impact Awards finalist, and a 2024 Medal Winner at the Anthem Awards in the Human & Civil Rights Podcast or Audio Awareness & Media Categories, we share stories of adversity where people have come out the other side ready to better themselves, their communities, and the world. Ultimately, this is a show about hope.

ALL ABOUT CHANGE is a production of the Ruderman Family Foundation.

The Ruderman Family Foundation believes that inclusion and understanding of all people is essential to a fair and flourishing community. Guided by our Jewish values, we advocate for and advance the inclusion of people with disabilities throughout our society; strengthen the relationship between Israel and the American Jewish Community; and model the practice of strategic philanthropy worldwide. We operate as a non-partisan strategic catalyst in cooperation with government, private sectors, civil society, and philanthropies.

Jay Ruderman

Podcast host & President of the Ruderman Family Foundation

Jay Ruderman is the President of the Ruderman Family Foundation, which focuses on inclusion, diversity, and social justice. Jay is a life-long Bostonian. He graduated from Brandeis University with honors and received his J.D. from Boston University School of Law. Upon graduating law school, he began his career as an assistant district attorney in Salem, Massachusetts. In addition, he spent many years working as a political activist. He lives in Greater Boston with his wife, Shira, and their four children.

Mijon Zulu

Senior Managing Producer

Born in New York and raised in mixture Southern and Eastern Africa, New England, and NYC, Mijon is a culturally fluent content creator and producer who helps people translate their ideas into language, image, and audio and aims to empower them through storytelling. Previously, Mijon has worked as co-host, editor, and producer on podcasts: tooltip time, a podcast about podcasting tools, Whispering Huntys, a global queer culture, drag, and Drag Race podcast, Calling Bullshit a purpose-washing business podcast, and The Teacher Collaborative Podcast. Outside of podcasting, Mijon works as a copywriter and food writer.

Yochai Maital

Story Editor

Yochai Maital is the Story Editor of All About Change, hosted by Jay Ruderman. He is a veteran podcaster and avid audiophile. He holds strongly to the belief that “the phonograph will unquestionably outrank the photograph” (Edison). He is co-founder of the Israel Story. Yochai is a native of Haifa who now calls New York home. Before he got into podcasting, he served for nine years as a combat officer in the IDF and nine years as a reserve search-and-rescue platoon leader. He is among the founders of Tel-Aviv’s first organic food co-op, and is passionate about vermiculture and composting. When he is not editing tape, he enjoys backcountry camping with his three kids and playing the flute or a bass guitar.